Communion is one of the big steps for Catholic children. This day must be remembered for a long time. The way to get there is long – first communion course and so on. That’s why the little girls deserve to look like princesses. And every little kid knows that princess without a crown does not exist. Give your daughter one of the best communion hairstyles we have selected for you. With our ideas, the good impression of the most important event in life remains permanent.

The hair accessories bring charm and charisma to the communion hairstyles

As we said above, the little princess must own a crown. This can be beautiful hair chains and accessories. The hair jewelry ensures the romantic look and shows the cleanliness and delicacy of the little girls. Pay more attention to the special occasion and the solid communion hairstyles. If you do not want to do any special hairstyle, a very good option would be open hair with a hairline that opens the beautiful face. This will look great with a diadem of flowers. The fresh flowers best match the character of the communion. Our tip is to make the flower wreaths from gypsophila or from roses. A small white bow is also a variant if your daughter is smaller.

The updos let the kids feel as adults

The updos look festive and will impress all guests. Combined with a grinder or a single flower, the communion hairstyles give a gentle look to the little girls. The high-rise hairstyles are classic and bring a traditional touch of the event. There is also a handy page. Do not forget that your little princesses are children. They just want to play intensively. They can only do that with a well-set hairstyle. And some tips from us on how to do it yourself. Start with the hairline, brush your hair first in the severe side part. Brush the remaining hair into a ponytail and tie with a rubber band. Brush the front hair and wrap it around the ponytail and fasten it in place. Finished!

Create a nice look of course with lichens

The communion hairstyles can also look natural. Sometimes the simple hairstyles look best and most suitable for such a traditional celebration. A braid with a small bow put a good natural shape. The hairstyles with lichens can also look festive. They are also practical! Zig-zag crests and four small pigtails on both sides of the head are guaranteed not to fall in the eyes. With a little effort, you can do the hairstyle yourself for 5 minutes. This can also give you more time with your daughter. Try to make a waterfall braid yourself and leave the other part of the hair in romantic waves.

Waterfall Hairstyle: Tradition for Communion

We will give you a tutorial on how to make a waterfall hairstyle yourself.

All you need is: hair gel, comb and hair spray.

First, separate a wide strand of hair that is adjacent to the front of your face and divide it into two parts. Then place one game over the other and hold both slightly taut in the direction of the back of your head. From now on, the process always runs the same way: Over the now lying on top of hair now put a new strand, which you get from a little further back to the head. Just drop the new strand over the top part, but pull it under the lower part of the hair. Then just let the new strand hang. In your hands you now only hold the two games from the beginning. Now again! Repeat until the waterfall hairstyle as far as you want, for example, to the back of your head. You can also make 2 waterfall braids and the other part of hair curly. As you like it best!

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