Traditionally, on October 31, “Night of the Nights” is celebrated –

The possibilities to make your nails effective for Halloween are simply endless. You can either choose traditional motifs – for example, pumpkins, skulls and bats, or express your creativity by decorating your manicure yourself in an extraordinary and impressive way. The typical nail polish colors for Halloween are black, gray and all the red nuances but currently the eye-catching neon colors are a trendy trend. A great design can also be created with the so-called sponge technique – especially if you want to imitate blood traces. The nail design patterns in our gallery can give you additional inspiration to try a new idea!

Nail design pattern to choose in line with the Halloween costume

An original variant is also to select those motifs that correspond with your costume. For example, if you want to dress like a witch, you can decorate your fingernails with bats or stars. The funny pumpkins are also very suitable for this purpose. For a zombie costume, nails are best, decorated with “drops of blood”, and if you’ve decided on a spooky vampire outfit, you can even try and paint Dracula yourself – using an old ballpoint pen or toothpick. Such nail designs are actually very easy to do, but if you do not trust the painting technique, you better opt for nail stickers. This version is the easiest, because the nail stickers are not expensive at all and can be easily attached and removed. But they have a single drawback – do not last long.

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