Nothing can bring the Christmas spirit home than a beautiful poem! For young and old, funny, short or long, Christmas poems are perfect for greeting cards or for a cozy evening with the family. We have also prepared poems for your toddlers for you because we know that Christmas is to share and the best time is with the children. Enjoy these rhymes and give joy with a poem to all your relatives and friends! Let yourself be inspired!

Contemplative poems for Christmas

The dream of August Heinrich Hoffmann

I lay and slept; I dreamed
a beautiful dream:
It stood on our table in front of me
a tall Christmas tree.

And colorful lights without numbers,
they burned around;
the branches were all-inclusive
heavy golden apples.

And sugar dolls hung on it;
that was a splendor!
There was what I could wish for
and what makes me happy.

And when I looked for the tree
and quite surprised,
I reached for an apple,
and everything, everything disappeared.

I wake up from my dream,
and it was dark around me.
Dear, beautiful Christmas tree,
say, where can I find you?

Poems for Christmas for children

Dear Santa,
Tighten your sled quickly!
Pack him with many gifts,
for us, who think of you!

The reindeer are already ready
to fly with you, through space and time!

Dear Santa,
please contact him!
We, the animals from the home,
wait for you – big or small!
Our bowls are already ready
We look forward to every little thing!

Dear Santa,
please also remember
we need warm blankets
for a comfortable stretching.
We’re freezing in the cold,
Please come soon!

Dear Santa,
Tighten your sled quickly!
Longing we wait for you,
full of love and confidence!
We are so happy to have you
and would like to say thank you!

Funny Christmas poems

The carp is cooking, the turkey is frying,
you are sitting in the tightest circle
and sing together the first verse
many familiar ways.

For example, “O, you happy”,
from the “tree with green leaves” –
and from many eyes
you can see the tears climbing.

The sadness on the Christmas tree
is completely incomprehensible;
one should laugh, be happy,
because He finally appeared!

At Easter – there will be jubilee,
many a colorful egg purchased!
You like to laugh – that’s what he is
died the day before yesterday.

Feasts of Heinz Erha

Christmas poems for greeting cards

Holy night, with a thousand candles
do you come up solemnly,
O, so go in our hearts,
Star of Life, get on us!

Robert Eduard Prutz

I wish you the New Year
Heaven blessings forever
and to the earth pleasure and sorrow
always peace and contentment.

Friedrich Güll

Dear, good Santa,
put on the long boots,
comb your white beard,
get ready for the Christmas ride.

Come into our house,
Unpack the gifts.
Oh, first you wanted the proverb?
Yes, I can, listen:

Dear, good Santa,
Do not look at me so bad.
Put in your rod,
always wants to be good!

Dear, good Santa

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