The butterfly tattoo remains very popular among women and girls. If you intend to have such a tattoo painted, this article will give you interesting ideas and inspiration, as well as information about the importance of the butterfly as a symbol.

The butterfly tattoo and its many meanings

With their beauty and delicate wings, the butterflies are a preferred motif in the field of art, painting and poetry. In many cultures, the butterfly is considered a symbol of change, rebirth and the possible new start in life. This is because the life cycle of the butterflies is linked to the transition from one state to another – from the ugly caterpillar to the elegant butterfly with fabulous wings. That is why the butterfly tattoo is so popular among young women – it symbolizes the girl’s entry into adult life.

Sign of freedom

The butterfly tattoo betrays a fine and freedom-loving personality. These beautiful and tender insects flow from flower to flower and are therefore accepted in many cultures as a symbol of unlimited and absolute freedom. The negative meaning of the butterfly, which is typical for some Asian peoples, is due to the short lifespan of these insects. It is believed that butterflies are death messages, or they are associated with infidelity and superficiality, as they select only beautiful and sweet-scented flowers.

Original meaning of the symbol

The symbol has its origin in antiquity. The ancient Greek philosophy connects the butterfly with the human soul and the spirit size. Both in the past and today, two converging butterflies are a symbol of love and happy marriage for the Chinese.

The butterfly tattoo looks delicate and feminine

The meaning of the butterfly tattoo can be interpreted differently, depending on the context and personal preferences. The motif can also be expanded and combined with other elements – for example flowers, asterisks or even the name of the lover. There are also a variety of different butterfly species, but their beauty is characterized by the monarch butterfly, whose wings look particularly impressive.

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