Are you tired of only looking at lounge bathrooms and modern glass and plastic bathrooms? Do not be inspired by these and then set up a bathroom design in vintage style.-

The bathroom design in vintage style as art

Various materials are used for the walls and the floor, even a to the ceiling. While many tile and tile models are on offer, you could much better use wood, plaster and glass in the bathroom to achieve a vintage style so that their features meet the needs and requirements of the room.

Candlelight in vintage bathroom

Freestanding bathtubs and other sanitary fittings
The base of the vintage bathroom is the freestanding bath, ideally – with decorative legs. If you chose this element, put it where all of its curves are fully lit and select the batteries with a similarly graceful design. You have to expect this style to be financially demanding, but aesthetically it’s definitely worth it.

A beautiful vintage bathtub

The washbasin may have such a shape, which is installed on the top of a bath cabinet and brings some water from subtle batteries. The stone sink is also very impressive, ideally if it is made of granite. The impression is magnified by different furniture. But they must come from an older age. Do not avoid details, as well as paintings.

The paintings as a detail

Colors and accessories in the vintage bathroom
The vintage bath must not be painted with bright colors. The best choices for such a bathroom are the pastel colors, especially – shades of yellow, green and blue, but you can also add purple or orange once. The colors used can also have different structure.
Do not be afraid to use many decorations, such as vases, hooks, paintings. If there is a room window in the bathroom, do not miss a slight veil.

The veil makes the bath heavenly

What the bathroom in a vintage style does not belong?
1. Plastic or glass shower cabins. Better use a textile curtain
2. plastic accessories. Remedy – ceramics, wood or metal accessories
3. Robust thermostatic mixer, square overhead shower with LEDs, instead set up classic batteries and a round shower head
4th machine. If you can not put them anywhere else, hide them in a closet
5. Modern fittings. Remedy: crystal chandeliers, candles, brass lamps.

Enjoy a pair of vintage style bathroom masterpieces now:

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