Many types of tattoos, many design possibilities, different places on the whole body and many meanings. How to choose the right tattoo that stays on your skin forever. How far are you ready to go? We have released the best tattoo artwork for you free of charge. Read our information and meanings, choose the most suitable tattoo for you, print and tattoo!

Print Tattoo Templates for Free: Keys to Love

Tattoo key tattooed when you want to show an expression of love. In most cases, this tattoo is chosen by couples. The man tattooed a key and the woman – a castle in the shape of a heart. So you are tied together for eternity. Besides these tattoos, you can also eternal the name of the fiance on your body.

A world famous symbol: Tattoo template for a mermaid

This motif is one of the earliest traditional tattoos and was very popular among the pirates. This tattoo design has many meanings: love, beauty, mystery, death, danger, sensuality. In addition to the mermaid tattoo, you can tattoo anchor, flowers, hearts, etc. The mermaid tattoo fits perfectly to the back or

The skull is a very popular template for men

But more and more the skull tattoo is also seen in women. The design symbolizes death and transience. The symbol of the skull has also gained notoriety through the use of the pirates. Mostly, people tattoo the skull together with red roses or other flowers. It is recommended that you leave the skull without color and tattoo the other elements in color.

The owl has a deep and mysterious meaning

The owl is a symbol of wisdom. This comes from Greek mythology, where the goddess Athena used the owl as a trademark. The tattoo design still symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. An owl tattoo is often tattooed with a watch or a mysterious key. Let yourself be inspired by other breathtaking examples!

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