When it comes to trend hairstyles in 2016, short hairstyles are particularly popular. Stylish and easy care, these are certainly. Why deal with such long hair when there is a variety of short hairstyles in the beauty world? In the following we show you great cuts and trendy ladies short hairstyles pictures that would make you feel comfortable and trendy! Treat yourself to the new trends and be inspired!

Ladies Short Hairstyles Pictures 2016

Tiered short hairstyles

Shorthair hairstyles with steps is by no means a problem. This works without any problems and gives the hair more volume, so that you do not use harmful hair products for extra volume. If you want a more casual look, just let your hair dry after washing and have a wild look!

Bob short hairstyles

The traditional fringe bob is among the ladies short hairstyles Pictures 2016 again in vogue. Asymethric and really interesting, this hairstyle is determined. The straight cut pony looks both modern and classic.

Very short hairstyle looks beautiful too

Do not worry if your hair is cut very short. This hairstyle is also very popular among the 2016 fashion trends and gives an extravagant look.

Casual short hairstyles

Casual short hairstyles you can easily get with gel or hair foam and fix for a long time on the head. The hair in this hairstyle should be as wild and casual as possible, as if you had just gotten up.

Chin-length hairstyles

This short hairstyle fits every type of face, as the chin-length hair is easily styled.

Copper red short hairstyles

According to recent fashion trends, the copper red is gaining more and more popularity in 2016. For all short hairstyles, whether classic or modern, it certainly fits.

Highly styled short hairstyles

Styling the pony high up is the purpose of this short hairstyle. Best if the hair is still wet with gel or hair foam fix and then blow dry.

Curly short hairstyles

Who says short hairstyles are not suitable for curly hair? But! And with a short hairstyle for curly hair, you can get a charming outfit. Whether you wave your hair with foam or hair straightener does not matter – the end effect has always been down!


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