In addition to the preparations for a Christmas table, Christmas decorations and gifts, we forget to think about ourselves and to pamper ourselves. However, a woman does not only have to cook delicious Christmas dishes, but also has to charm her with a perfect Christmas Eve look. The perfect finish to festive clothing is the gel nails pattern with Christmas motifs. Give your nails a shine and you will have Christmas spirit for a long time!

A bag full of creative ideas and gel nails patterns can be found here

When it comes to Christmas, all the motifs come into play – snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, everything you can paint on your nails. Yes, you have read it correctly, you can easily make the gel nails patterns yourself. If you can paint well, of course with the brush, if not, just buy ready-made stickers and glue them directly to your nails. Glitter is perfect for your festive nail design. Red, green, silver or gold, when it shines, goes great with Christmas.

The colors of Christmas

Everyone knows the colors associated with Christmas, but how do you combine those on the nails? All combinations of green, red, gold and white are allowed! But if your work does not give you the opportunity to decorate your gel nails as a Christmas tree, we need to look for other designs. Very delicate and simple would be the snowflakes on the nails. These gel nails create a pattern with a white paint, a bit of glitter and why not a French design? If you want to paint your

Sanding is breathtaking on the nails. Why do not you turn your nail design into a gift? Gift for you, for your perfect festive look! If you choose to bow, we recommend a combination of red and white. With gold strokes, your nails all eyes will be on you!

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