If you have a balcony, definitely has a real treasure! Balcony is for common recreation or fun gatherings with friends. That is why it is very important that this is beautifully designed. Not only the furniture and planting play an important role, but also the balcony floor. One should attach great importance to this. The balcony floor determines the appearance on the balcony and brings a particularly pleasant atmosphere with it. This could be worked out of different materials, according to desire and taste. Below you will find more information about the production materials. In addition, we give you some inspiring ideas on how to stylishly combine the balcony floor with furniture.

Balcony floor with natural stone slabs or tiles

Anyone who has decided for tiles, should take into account that they should be created without Wöblungen, so that no water flows inside and thus further damage vogerbeugt in winter. In addition, the joints should be waterproof. In contrast, natural stone slabs can be easily made on a gravel layer. Unfortunately, stone coverings and tiles have the disadvantage that they can get quite cold in the morning and very hot in the afternoon, especially when they are dark. Therefore, it is recommended for barefoot supporters, rather to opt for a wooden floor.

Balcony floor with wooden tiles and plastic plates

The advantage of wood tiles or plastic sheets is that they are applied directly without the need to stick them together. You do not need to spend a lot of time and effort, because the technology is quick and easy – the individual tiles are put together. These are also suitable for balconies without roofing, because in the rain, the water can flow through the joints quickly.

Balcony floor with lawn carpet

Lawn carpet is especially recommended for covered balconies, as it gets wet very quickly in the rain and takes too long to dry. This could be a reason for later damage such as mold, which could also damage the kit. But this is particularly advantageous because you can get it very cheap and the creation happens quickly and easily. In addition, the balcony looks refreshed in this way and is always green even in winter!

Balcony floor gives the balcony a special look



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