Today, Facebook is our second life. Thousands of friends and hundreds of likes – the dream of those who want to become famous on social network. Since the pictures are the most important – profile picture, cover picture and posts are the first impression. With our 21 photoshooting ideas you will quickly get a lot of likes on Facebook!

Using body language properly is just one of our photoshoot ideas

How can you use body language in your photographs? Here are some ideas that will help you get the right tone for your shots. Take advantage of your moment! When you take a selfie, you look in different directions. Photoshooting Ideas: Looking left or right. Also, look up or lower the blink. The photo is going to make your friends want to continue to roll down, wondering what’s still down there ?! A shot becomes more random when there is more movement – wind, body movement, underground movement. If you do not stare directly – take a photo shoot off your shoulder.

Take a picture of a family heirloom

Things from childhood have priceless value, so one of our photoshoot ideas. A family heirloom helps you to get more likes quickly. Think of the stories that such an heirloom would tell. Their story could be: a classic car, a traveled family Bible, a rocking chair, a piano that has suffered countless hours of practice. If you photograph the heirloom, you can put a few favorite photos from childhood on it.

Photoshoot on the floor

If you are a parent, you always want to photograph your children so that everyone can see how sweet they are. The photos of newborns can be very traditional and very much the same, but you do not want to have boring photos on Facebook? Yes! All right – stage a scene on the floor with your sleeping child. By creating the scene, you instantly have something unique and interesting. Be sure to check Adele Enersen’s blog for some fantastic examples. It could be even more fun with the older kids.

360 degree photo shoot makes a small world for you

Give your friends a panoramic view on Facebook. Whether in buildings or in the open air – a 360 ° panorama is a great way to show more. And more importantly – these photos have become fashion! Sew all the photos together, and it’ll make a terrible “little” world photo.

Photo illusion – the new photo shoot Magic

Creating a successful photo illusion becomes an inspiration. You also have to put some effort and effort into it. However, photoshooting is a lot of fun. But if you can not do that, we have a unique idea for you! Post a normal photo on Facebook and write “This is one of the best optical illusions I’ve ever seen! If you see it, do not betray it! “Her friends will need at least five minutes to see what’s wrong with the subject.

Go back to Monochrome

The black and white photos are considered an almost lost art. But even today they look absolutely amazing. Tip: Do not change your camera settings to shoot black and white. The software will turn your photos black and white better than your camera can.

Best friends photo shoot

A photo shoot with the best friends or girlfriends is a nice memory of times spent together. Get dressed in different outfits outdoor or you can try photoshoot with Holi colors, that looks really cool. Maybe you have a common hobby? That too can be captured in beautiful pictures.

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