Do you love strong emotions and dream about the colorful life of the Mexicans? Mexican furniture can be the chili pepper in your home. But the Mexican style includes much more than symbols like the pepper and the big hats. That means tradition. The Mexican interior design is not old-fashioned, it has a rustic touch. With this Lanndhaus style you can get inspired by the history and culture of Mexico and live more colorful.

Mexican furniture – combination of color palette and country style

The colors of the Mexican furniture can smell the unique flavors of Mexican cooking! And with a few blankets and decorative pillows in all the colors of the rainbow, the furniture will lighten your mood. For some people, these combinations may go a bit too far. The bright colors are a hallmark of the Mexican style. Experience the combination of pink, orange, bright green, dark blue and intense red.

Must: The Mexican furniture is made of wood

The wood carving and precise inlay work give the Mexican furniture a vintage touch. The wooden furniture will radiate the coziness and warmth of your home. If you want to furnish your rooms in the Mexican style, wood must be in every piece of furniture – whether in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Exactly this way, the country style touch comes in your apartment. The Mexican furniture has a close connection with nature. An interesting idea for furnishings in the Mexican style are the pine wood furniture.

Modern facilities can also be in Mexican style

It is not obligatory that the Mexican furniture should be in dark colonial style colors. If you prefer the brightly decorated rooms, select pine wood. Brand new are the Mexican furniture in white. A coffee table or a dining table with chairs in white can be a real eye-catcher. These can also be combined with a modern or minimalist style. Eye-catching metal fittings, great embellishments, solid quality solid wood: These features make Mexico furniture unique specimens that make every home cozy. Discover our diverse ideas!

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