The wise quotes for Christmas express the spirit of the festival and give us its magic. They also remind us of the great value that moments have with family, friends and relatives, and that we should be grateful for that. In this article, we have collected beautiful and contemplative Christmas quotes from well-known authors especially for you. These can also be used as creative and unusual wishes for your Christmas cards – the beautiful words will certainly make your loved one happy. Enjoy reading and a Merry Christmas!

Wise quotes for Christmas that can inspire you

Christmas – It has always been my best party.

It will be Christmas! My whole house smells like brown cake – understands itself after mother’s recipe -, and I sit, so to speak for weeks in the bauble of the Christmas tree.

Theodor Storm (1817-1888), German poet and writer

It does not depend on lights and lamps, and it is not the moon and the sun, but that we have eyes that can see the glory of God.

Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940), Swedish writer

Most people celebrate Christmas because most people celebrate Christmas.

Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935), German journalist and writer

The contemplative days between Christmas and New Year have already brought some to the senses.

Joachim Ringelnatz (1883-1934), German writer and cabaret artist

You can only have peace if you give it.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 – 1916), Austrian writer

And so the world slowly shines forth towards Christmas, and holding in its hands knows about the blessing.

Matthias Claudius (1740-1815), German poet

This is the miracle of the Holy Night, that in the darkness of the earth shines the bright sun.

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh (1831-1910), German clergyman

Go for the star of love, my children!

Wilhelm Raabe (1831-1910), German writer

Come, look, maiden child, then you see in the cradle the heaven and the earth and a hundred worlds lie.

Angelus Silesius (1624 – 1677), German theologian

Winter is for the children, the youngest are used to it, an angel is coming, the wing gold, worth the good children.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German poet

For it is good to be a child at times, it is best for Christmas, when its mighty founder was a child himself.

… and I will come home for Christmas. We all do that or should do it. We all come home or should come home. For a short rest, the longer the better, to take rest and give.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870), British writer

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a one-time story, but a gift that always remains.

Martin Luther (1483-1546), German theologian

The way of giving is more important than the gift itself.

Pierre Corneille (1606 – 1684), French author

Christmas is not a time or a season, but an emotional state. To keep peace and goodwill in his heart, to be generous with mercy, to carry the true spirit of Christmas.

Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), 30th President of the United States

Quotes for Christmas in verse

From the sky to the deepest crevices
a mild star dies down;
From Tannenwalde scents rise
and breathe through the winter airs,
and candlelight becomes the night.
Theodor Storm (1817-1888), German poet and writer

O Christmas! Christmas! Highest celebration!
We do not grasp their bliss.
She wraps her healing veil
the most blessed secret.

Nikolaus Lenau (1802-1850), Austrian writer

Hand clings to hand in close circle,
And the old song of God and Christ
trembles through souls and announces quietly,
that the smallest world is the biggest.

Joachim Ringelnatz (1883-1934), German writer and cabaret artist

And again, lets out of the dark
the Christmas sparkle their stars!
The angels in heaven are heard kissing
and the whole world smells like pepper nuts.
Arno Holz (1863-1929), German writer

This is the night since appeared to me
the greatness of God’s kindness;
the child to whom all the angels serve
brings light into my darkness,
and this world and heaven light
does not give way to a hundred thousand suns.

Kaspar Friedrich Nachtenhöfer (1624-1685), German poet

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