Do you know that there are also Halloween tattoos? Actually every skull tattoo is scary enough for Halloween! But if you do not want to wear such terrible tattoos forever on your body, make a temporary tattoo! Dive into our world of horror tattoos and monsters and choose your tattoo template that best suits your Halloween costume!

A washable tattoo cover that will be a scary finish on your Halloween disguise

You are invited to a Halloween party and have everything prepared for your horrible look – from costume to make-up. But something is missing, because they are unique and want to enchant everyone at the party. A monster tattoo! Why not? Very easy to do and unique! For example, you will never make a real tattoo on your face. But that can be your mask without trying out difficult make-up techniques. With Halloween tattoos you will create a look that people have never seen before. Just press the desired Tattoo Template and follow our instructions for Temporary Tattoo below!

What is a temporary tattoo?

Temporary tattoos can be found in the form of a sticker or alcohol-based. Another variant are so-called henna tattoos. These types can be found in almost every supermarket or shop. You can create a high-quality tattoo yourself very easily by means of a Tattoovorlage, which is not damaged your house. The more temporary tattoos are still known as “fake tattoos”, “fun tattoos” or removable tattoos.

How to make a detachable tattoo yourself?

You really need to print the selected tattoo template. The secret, however, is the paper for decals. These can be found either online or in the craft shops. When you have finished printing, place the template on your skin and hold for about 30 seconds with a damp cloth. Then take off the paper. The tattoo will last until one week. If you want to peel off sooner, it works with soapy water and a hand brush.

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