It is this time of the year when we want to enjoy the balmy summer evenings on the balcony or in the garden, undisturbed, far from everyday worries. But. With the warm season come the mosquitoes. They are annoying, they can very easily wake us up in the night and remind us of them even days later with the mosquito bites that leave them on the skin. A preliminary decision for mosquito repellent are the creams and sprays. But spend the summer evenings often in the garden, then you need a means that distributes the mosquitoes in the long term. We provide a herbal and natural remedy for mosquito repellent – plants against mosquitoes for home or for the garden.

Nature helps us against the annoying mosquitoes!

The essential oils, which contain some plants, keep the mosquitoes away in a natural way and create a pleasant atmosphere for us. We introduce you to the plants that can drive away mosquitoes.

Plants against mosquitoes

In order to efficiently and long-term repel the mosquitoes, you need plants that have a particularly high proportion of essential oils. Below you will find all the plants that help with the M√ľkenschutz. These can very easily be planted on the terrace or balcony, or in flower” box by> the window. Most of the plant species, rich in essential oils are herbs and spices and are perfect if you want to design your own herb garden at home. The calming effect of the fragrance also helps to relax and fall asleep. Another advantage of the essential oils in these plants is that they can be used for natural” cosmetics> .

Our choice for the top 10 plant species at a glance

  1. rosemary
  2. Horse mint
  3. Marigold Rose
  4. lemon balm
  5. Citronella / Lemongrass
  6. Catnip
  7. basil
  8. Catnip
  9. lavender
  10. juniper

Grandma’s recipe against mosquitoes has always been the foliage of tomato plants. Which plants can still be a remedy for mosquitoes, you will learn from our image gallery.

Our team wishes you many relaxing summer evenings without mosquitoes on the balcony or in the garden!

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