The wall design with wallpaper in the nursery is popular with many parents, because it is not only practical, but the great patterns create a beautiful ambience for the little ones. On the market, however, you can find an enormous variety of different colors and patterns and you are really spoiled for choice. To help you with this, we have collected 20 beautiful nursery wallpaper ideas in this article, from which you could draw inspiration for

If you are looking for cute nursery wallpaper ideas, you are in the right place! Apart from original examples, here are a few practical tips to help you create a harmonious, dreamy atmosphere. The beautiful motifs on the wallpapers would be a real eye-catcher – much better than painting the walls in monochrome, or trying to paint on them (or hiring a pro to do the job), which will take a lot of money and time. In addition, the wallpapers are changed periodically to change the atmosphere, which is more difficult with other wall coverings – so, as your child grows taller, you can replace the cheerful unicorn or floral motifs with modern wallpapers with geometric patterns, all at a reasonable price , The wallpaper is actually one of the most cost-effective wall coverings, and today, even designed specifically for the nursery, which are multi-layered, and can be difficult to pollute. Do you already like the idea of ​​choosing wallpapers as wall coverings for the children’s room? If yes, read on and get acquainted with our suggestions!

Nursery wallpaper ideas – the role of colors

When it comes to great nursery wallpaper ideas, the colors actually play the biggest role. Maybe you also know from experience that every color has its own mood. When it comes to the interior of the nursery, you should forego the dark and glaring colors, or just use them as an accent. Opt for sounds that radiate security and cosiness – such as the gentle pastel shades. They have a strong positive effect on children, and would create a pleasant, soothing atmosphere in the nursery. The subtle yellow and orange tones radiate friendliness, and can create a good mood for everyone. The warm pastel nuances would also make the room visually brighter, and are the best solution especially for small children’s rooms. Bright orange, pink, money or red should be avoided, because they make the little ones restless, and sometimes even more aggressive.

Nursery wallpaper ideas: choose original patterns

Colors like blue and violet are also a good choice for the nursery because they have a calming effect and promote concentration in toddlers. The same applies to the green – this color relaxes the eyes, radiating both harmony and energy. A good idea is to make the children’s room colorful by using 2-3 different types of wallpaper, and thus visually separate the individual areas. Horizontal stripe wallpaper is a good choice for spacious children’s rooms, while those with vertical stripe patterns make the small rooms look bigger. Of course, the wallpaper you choose should be color coordinated with the decor. Our tip is to think in advance which tones would fit best in your nursery and look for such wallpaper. And when it comes to choosing a specific pattern – if your child / kids are a bit bigger, they can help you with this task. And if not, just follow your personal preferences. Take a look at our photos, which are great examples of a successful wall design with wallpaper in the nursery.

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