Christmas is first and foremost associated with Christmas presents. And what belongs to a good present – of course, a nice greeting card. But what needs to be written on it? Get ideas from our quotes for Christmas!

Why quotes for Christmas?

Not everyone can come up with a poem or a unique wish for Christmas. The quotes help at Christmas! There is a huge selection on the internet, but you have to spend hours searching for the right one. We have collected the best sayings and quotes for you and sorted them into categories. So your greeting card will be reflective and brings cheerful mood and joy. But in recent years, quotes are not just used for greeting cards. Have you never searched for a spell posted on Facebook? At Christmas you look for quotes twice as much. Imagine that you have to wish the same to each of your friends on Facebook. Not good and time consuming, close? Choose one of our pictures, upload it and post it directly on Facebook! So easy and creative!

Business quotes for Christmas

Of course, choose the best Christmas quotes for your family and friends. But do not forget your business environment! How to show respect. And if you do not see your clients and colleagues during the holidays, you can send them a greeting card and wishes online. Note that the shape and appearance of the greeting card is very important. We have put together the matching Christmas greetings:

Quotes for more likes on Facebook

If you post these quotes on Facebook, you will collect many likes!

“I only drink mulled wine of happy glow.”

“When packaging gifts applies: missing talent is replaced by tape!”

“-This Christmas, you take care of the goose!

-Why? It’s your mother! “

Funny sayings and quotes

Quotes for Christmas cards

Contemplative quotes for Christmas

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