The tiles are perhaps the most important accent when furnishing the bathroom. There are so many different tile patterns on the market – how could you choose the right one? Here you will find practical tips and original tile models that can help you to set up the bathroom of your dreams.

The quality is important

In the large shops you can find a variety of tile shops and compare in between. If the high quality of the tiles is particularly important to you, take good care of their thickness. The thicker the tiles are, the longer they will last longer before you have to buy new ones. In addition, the thicker tiles guarantee a good insulation of the bathroom, which is especially important in winter.

Light or dark

Before choosing tile patterns, think twice about using light or dark tiles for your bathroom. In most cases, the first variant is better. Most of the bathrooms often lack sunlight, so tiles in dark nuances are not recommended.

Flat pattern with geometric motifs

Which motifs are currently relevant when it comes to tile patterns? The tiles with geometric motifs, which can be combined well with the modern minimalist design, are in full swing. In addition, you bring structure in the room and create the visual effect for more freedom. The geometric motifs are underlined in a particularly original way when combining light and dark tiles – for example green and yellow, red and bronze, dark blue and light gray.

Tile pattern with floral motifs

Tile patterns with floral motifs create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom and can be perfectly combined with classic bath furnishings. Lately the golden and bronze models are particularly up to date. The experts in the field of interior design advise you to choose patterns with large floral motifs wherever possible. You can set original accents with such tiles by placing them behind the sink, the bathtub or opposite the window.

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