Carnival is celebrated every year. No matter if you call it Carnival, Carnival or Carnival, it’s always about disguise. Carnival disguise, however, means more than an attractive and effective carnival costume. It could add charm to your outfit or give it a mysterious look. Have you ever dreamed of turning into Alice in Wonderland, fairy elf or Peter Pan? Carnival offers you the best opportunity to create a completely different look by getting into another role. Carnival disguises realize your dreams in an exciting way. Who says the return to the past is impossible? But, on Carnival everything is possible! Provocative look or extravagance? Mysticism or elegance? Funny or terrible? You decide. Your imagination for the carnival disguise knows no bounds.

Carnival disguise knows no time and no age! She tells stories!

Carnival is not limited to dressing up. Carnival fairings without matching accessories are hardly conceivable. The perfect carnival fairing therefore needs cool accessories that complete your outfit. You have many Carnival ideas available. The more variants are available, the harder the selection becomes, is not it? Let’s take a look at a few selected cool carnival costumes that you should definitely see. Carnival fairings appear in a variety of variants. Which is the right one for you? Let’s see!

Buy carnival costume or make your own?

You just want to dress up? Then put on simple carnival disguise, which could also look beautiful and unique. It is very trendy and is favored by more and more carnival fans. Simple carnival costume could look surprisingly extravagant. Convince yourself! For your simple carnival disguise things that you have in the house. With the right accessories your outfit is complete. Here cool accessories like masks, shoes, stylish

The miracle effect of the carnival fairings!

A few carnival ideas for simple carnival costume are the following:

With coat, hat and sunglasses, you could dress up as an agent.

Do not throw away old work pants! They will be of use to you if you choose a craftsman costume or straw man carnival costume.

Straw Man Carnival Costume!

Your little daughter becomes a beautiful straw doll!

Making a simple snowflake carnival costume yourself is an easy and exciting task. Here comes the question: Should it rather be a classic and simple carnival costume or do you want to shine with elegance and a highlight? So imagine what you really want to look like a snowflake! You need a bit of creativity, cotton balls, white clothes, white decorative fabrics, white gemstones and decouples. With the same materials you could dress up as a unicorn, angel or a beautiful snow queen.

Snow Queen!

Your carnival disguise will be the hit of the year!

Create a funny and simple disguise with a travesty carnival costume. Put on a skirt, make up the lips and wear a headscarf! Ready is your carnival costume!

Colors could be a miracle effect on the carnival outfit. They are another simple carnival disguise. Fresh green, sweet pink, navy blue, classic white and black or a combination of shades: that’s your choice. Pull yourself completely in the color you want. Make-up on your face may be appropriate. Simple sexy carnival costumes are also possible with the right color. Red or black color promises you a sexy look.

Black color for sexy carnival disguise!

Colorful colors for a good mood!

Sexy carnival costumes delight the hearts. Sexy nurse or sexy maid costume? Or sexy schoolgirl? Yes exactly! That’s what we mean. Take on this challenge! You do not need anything more than matching clothes. A short skirt and white apron: that’s how the sexy maid costume succeeds.

Sexy maid!

Dress up as a sexy Little Red Riding Hood!

Princess carnival costumes are especially popular with the kids and the girls.

Princess costumes appear in a variety of variants!

Inspire fairy tales! Peter Pan or Thinker Bell; Ariel; Cinderella or Cruela … .so many world-famous fairy tales that come true on Carnival.

Fairytales come true!

Peter Pan Costumes for Adults …

… and for kids!

Cruela and Dalmatian!

Ariel carnival costume!

Princess Carnival Costume or Snow Queen? Yes, a great idea, but which needs appropriate accessories. Shoes in silver or crown in gold could be of great use to you. Carnival disguise as a straw man? The old shirt is perfect. Mysterious look? Then put on effective masks in black, for example.

Effective shoes in silver become a real eye-catcher!

Carnival costume ideas are available to every taste!

Going to the carnival party with your best friend? Or you want to celebrate with your loved one? Yes of course! Then you need a unique carnival group costume. That’s an easy task. Costumes for two are a total hit! A super creative carnival idea, right? ” Do not be afraid to experiment with clothes and accessories. To go to Carnival with your sweetheart? Then swap your clothes. A troll costume for you and your girlfriend? Why not? Try to outfit the costumes with the help of cool accessories. Perfect for troll costumes fit chic hairstyles in different hair colors. Hair in pink or green – that’s what you decide!

Make a troll costume yourself!

Carnival costumes for two are a total hit!

Go to the carnival party with your best friend!


Alice in Wonderland!

Animal masks!

“Just be yourself!” No, this is not possible. The principle says, “Be different!”

Discover more creative suggestions for unique cool carnival costumes in the following gallery! Do not miss this opportunity! It is worth it!

Let yourself be inspired!

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