Blond to brown hair with ash shimmer, blue or green eye colors and a cool light color … that’s the beauty of a summer type. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Pfeiffer are the best at presenting the summer type. When it comes to make-up, the motto is: “Less is more”. To help you underline your facial features, follow our helpful tips.

Colors for the summer type

Highly recommended for the summer type are the beige nuances. It is very important that you do not select colors with an orange or yellowish color, they must be cool, and never strong. Our tip is to choose a color palette from soft pink to all shades of blue to green and purple. For summer, grayish browns are also very suitable. If you prefer colors from the red color range, choose red or lemon yellow but no warm colors, such as orange.

Summer type: the complexion

Let’s start with the primer and face make up. No matter what is appropriate for the summer type, it is more important that you choose powder and foundation to match your skin tone. Beige or a roseton are best for you. Powder must be in a rosy tone and if you use rouge, finish off with colder reds, such as claret or raspberry pink. Do not think that the red must be warm. But there are also reds that have the bluish tone. We recommend the Perfect Match Make-Up by L`Oreal.

Eyeshadow: All cool colors are suitable

The eyeshadows must be in cool colors again. If you have blue or green eyes, be sure to emphasize them. With a subtle make-up your eyes will be unforgettable. The colors must have delicate or cool tones. But you must also harmonize with your eye color. If you have blue eyes, choose smoky blue for blasting. The green eyes look stunning with delicate green tones. But if you get dressed in purple outfits, you can wash your eyes with purple tones. But not right up to the eyebrow – that looks definitely inappropriate. No desire for eye shadow? No worries! A summer type looks gorgeous only with a subtle eyeline and red lipstick. To complete your eyes, of course, comes the mascara. Classically it is in deep black. The summer types can also afford a blue mascara. And for an evening make-up why not silver? If you already know the matching colors, you can experiment!

Elegant finish: the lipstick

Not only the eye make-up can emphasize your eyes. The lipstick too! But you have to choose – either severely undercutting the lips or the eyes, not both at the same time. It really does not look nice when you combine a burgundy lipstick with delicate blue eyeshadows. The lips with strong berry tones all eyes to you! Stay true to the summer type of lipstick and use cool colors again. As recommended cool old pink or a bright pink. For a little more glamor, the lipstick may also be silver.

Where to go without nail polish?

After the lipstick you have to think about the nail polish. The two must be in one shade. Here we have surprise for you! As a summer type, you are actually allowed to wear all nail polish colors. But if you traditionally combine them with lipstick, choose cool colors again. A cool old pink or a bright pink look very good and tender on your nails. If you want to follow our tip for a red lipstick, the blue-red and rose tones are perfect. Avoid glaring and frosty colors.

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