A lady should always attach great importance to her appearance and keep it always well-kept. Everything about the outfit should be combined with style and class – from hairstyle to clothing and shoes. Not last but not the nail polish should not be ignored. This is an integral part of every lady’s look. That’s why you should take enough time for it. It is also important that you choose the paint to match your own style. You can always have your nails painted with manicure, or if you’re a creative person and you feel like it, you can also make interesting nails motifs yourself and save so much money. In the following, we show you some shiny and stylish examples of how you can make

Fingernail designs are something individual that is specially selected and worked out for you according to your wishes and tastes. With the help of fingernail motifs you have the opportunity to express your personality. There are numerous variations and options in front of you, how to choose a beautiful nail design and make yourself – simple nails, painted in one color, or nails with lush decorations such as stones, pearls and varied motifs with different themes. The decision is up to you.

What should you pay attention to at the beginning?

Before you start to get involved with the painting and the subjects, you should have a few things at your disposal. Basics must be present in any case. First of all, the base coat should be applied to the nails to keep your nails nice and healthy for a long time. Then follows the selection of the favorite color. But to ensure that you apply them correctly, you should wait enough for the base coat to dry enough. If it is still liquid, then you could have problems with the application. Surface painting should not be neglected, so that your nails last longer and keep their appearance. In terms of motives, there are many different ready motives to choose from. But if you want to achieve something yourself, you are welcome to improvise!

Intriguing homemade nail motifs

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