Are you a plant enthusiast and value your garden design? Beautiful! Have you ever thought about planting grasses in the garden? Grasses are real eye-catchers in all seasons, so we recommend you try them. In summer, they make the garden more colorful, and in the fall they mix with the pastel colors. They bring many benefits, but above all, they are easy to maintain and even in winter stable. Below you will find more information on how to plant and care for grasses. We also show you some charming examples if you would like to beautify your garden with grasses.

Plant grasses and refresh at the same time

Planting grasses is not a difficult task. It brings not only fun, but also a refreshing undertone in every garden – be it a rather modern or classic country house garden. With different flowers in the garden, these can also be ideally combined. For this reason, planting grasses has become an integral part of a perfect garden.

Maintain grasses accordingly

For planted grasses you should not take too much time. They are easy to care for and can only be cut in spring. They need little fertilizer and do not need to be watered so often. It is recommended that you cut them in the spring, because the foliage decorates the otherwise structureless wintry garden and protects itself from frost. It is not necessary to bind the grasses in winter like other plants. That brings nothing and does not look pretty. And the goal of the grasses is generally to bring the garden to life in autumn and winter, and to refresh it.

Not too dense to plant the grasses

It is desirable not to plant the grasses side by side. These should be staggered by size. You should also attach great importance to the color scheme. In summer, for example, strong reds are particularly suitable.

Garden design with grasses plants


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