You want to design your table decoration to create a wow effect, but you are not so skilled? Then you are right here! The absolute classic in napkins folding is the fan! Elegant and magnificent, the napkins on the plates will be a real eye-catcher. And only with a light technique will you charm all your guests! Follow our DIY guide for napkins folding drawers.

Napkins folding fan – The manual

For the fan napkins should be printed from both sides

For napkins folding compartments is suitable monochrome or patterned fabrics. Paper napkins are also a possibility, but for beginners we recommend cloth napkins. The important thing is that the napkins are printed on both sides. Before you start with the instructions, fold the napkin halfway.

Step 1: Fold approximately 3 cm wide strips

Step 2: Then continue folding until you get a harmonica

Step 3: Continue folding until two-thirds of the napkin is folded.

Step 4: Then turn the napkin over so it looks like this:

Step 5: Fold the napkin in half

Step 6

Fold the napkin diagonally as you go out from the top edge. The smooth finish left (see on the picture) fold down over the diagonal hold firmly with your fingers. Finished! So you can put the napkin on plate!

Instructions for advanced: Napkins double fan

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Fold the upper and lower quarters of the napkin to the middle. Then fold the corner in the middle again. Repeat this process until you folded the whole napkin as shown in picture 2. We have made 4 folds, but if you use bigger napkin, you can also make 6-8. Now fold down as shown in step 3. The same procedure is repeated on the other side.

Finished! That’s the way it looks from the top!

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