In a DIY bed you could actually sleep very comfortable! That seems impossible to you? You do not believe in it? We’ll show you some creative ideas for self-built beds and give useful tips to make your bed individual and unique!

Comfortable and cozy with DIY bed

How big should the DIY bed be?

Before you think about the necessary materials, you should first think about how big the DIY bed should actually be. It should of course be the size of the room and not exceed. For this purpose, you must also take into account the Matrazengröße: Frequently used mattress sizes are 80 x 200 cm or 120 x 200 cm.

Finish the bed structure

You have the opportunity to build the bed structure from numerous materials. In principle, wood is the most recommended because it can be processed well. Of course, if you are creative, gifted and hand-sent you can design the bed frame for the DIY bed yourself. Today, the so-called plywood is particularly popular and recognized in such constructions.

A bed of pallets is also cheap idea!

Detailed instructions can be found

You just want to refresh your apartment and give the old bed new appearance? Just a while painting work is enough to turn the old bed into an innovative work of art. If you have designed the bed yourself, you should oil the wood a bit. That way, your DIY bed would look efficient and certainly last longer. Decorations on the newly decorated bed are of course never superfluous – you can decorate according to the style of your home!

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