Who has not ever dreamed of having a luxurious home? Or pack up all the things and drive into a new life? Home ownership does not always require a lot of money, hundreds of square meters and many bathrooms. Imagine that you have the opportunity for breathtaking accommodation for 2,000 euros. That’s how much money costs about a used shipping container. But to turn those drab steel rooms into luxurious accommodations, follow our helpful tips.

Find our 11 professional tips before you buy a container house

Thinking about size is the key. First, make the decision whether you want to have a room in a piece of container or build a large luxurious house. Of course, the purpose is important here. What is your idea: to go new ways or to enjoy a real rest only once a year? Before you

Make sure that you have seen the containers, do not just take the word of the retailer that they are in good condition. Do not forget that you are needed. The history of the container is also traceable via its serial number. Do not forget to use your nose as well. Some ship containers carry unpleasant content. The wood covering of most containers is treated with toxic pesticides, which you then have to remove.

Also check your local government before buying a container house. Each country has its own rules and standards. This means that a container house in the United States looks like no

The construction and delivery is a job of the dealer, that is clear. But your work is not just an idea and desire, but the project. The two long walls are very important, but that’s not all. You also have to think about support and posture. For example, if you want to make a hole, that must be compensated. Minimize welding as well. It takes a lot of time and is expensive, so try to keep it to a minimum.

Make sure the container house has proper insulation

Do not forget that the shipping container has cold walls and you need to make sure that you have proper insulation against condensation before you buy the container house. Do you already have a strategy to deal with wind? Some people do not expect so much wind in the side, but containers make a little noise when there are big gusts of wind.

Buy a container house as individual as you

A container house is not only convincing with its construction technology. It also offers an architecture that suits you perfectly. Also in terms of

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