Another month until the next funny carnival. They have been searching for the best unique carnival costume for months. Or are you in a hurry, always looking for a last-minute carnival costume? And Carnival without a costume is unthinkable. Have you ever thought that with little or no money, you can make a carnival costume yourself? We have collected the best DIY costumes for you to copy. Detailed instructions can be found right here! You have never seen such unique carnival costumes! Let yourself be inspired!

The best carnival costumes to make yourself!

A pizza costume? Why not! Everyone is looking for extraordinary costumes and you can now do it yourself only with paper and cardboard. If you are looking for a pair of costumes, this idea is also perfect. Your friend can dress up as a pizza delivery. He just needs a white t-shirt and a pizza box!

Make a delicious costume for carnival itself

Sewing DIY Garfield Costume – creative idea for young and old!

Making kids costumes for kids can be a lot of fun. Are you sewing-crazy, we have an idea for your next sewing project – Sewing Garfield Costume. All you need is a Polar tracksuit in orange, a sewing machine, markers, and scissors. If you already have the tracksuit in your wardrobe, you should only sew your ears and tail. Look here, how it works!

Follow this simple guide:

Carnival costume idea for women: Make Cleopatra costume yourself

Cleopatra make-up – DIY instructions and make-up tips:

Dress up with sexy costume – mermaid

Make-up tips for mermaid carnival costume

Sew tail fin for mermaid costume: how it works!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Creative idea for carnival costume for pregnant women

Last minute costume for carnival with dresses from the wardrobe

Free to make a costume for carnival itself? That’s already possible with our ideas! Take, for example, the most popular costume cat woman. Every woman has black leather pants and leather boots in her wardrobe. Combine this with a black eye mask for less than 2 Euros and you’re done! You have a beautiful sexy costume! The same eye mask is perfect for a robber costume! Combine it with a black hat and you will become a real criminal. This is called real costumes!

Are you blond? You will look like Miley Cyrus for free!

Fancy robbers? A criminal costume will make you very easy

Make pirate costume yourself – you do not need to buy anything!

Tinkerbell costume make yourself

Cruella Devil DIY Costume

Funny and simple couple costumes

Unique carnival costumes: dress up as Bill and Hillary Clinton

What do you need?

Only the right wig and good mood!

Make a costume out of cardboard – dress up as a cake

The most popular carnival costumes are from Frozen – Video Instructions for Elsa Costume

Creative costumes for kids

Are you looking for a suitable costume for carnival for your children? No worries anymore! Your child knows exactly how it wants to dress up for carnival. The kids love to dress up! For girls, of course, the princess is popular. Scroll down to find a video guide for Ice Queen Elsa Costume. Doing a fairy costume yourself is not a difficult task either. Above you have seen how easy it is to create Tinkerbell costume. If it’s a boy’s carnival costume, Batman, Super Man, Spider-Man, and Star Wars costumes are the most popular variants. But let this carnival express your creativity! Get exceptional ones from our creative examples and follow our easy tutorials!

Tinker only with paper cladding as a screw: DIY instructions

Another costume idea made of cardboard:

How to make cardboard horse!

It’s time for Cookie Monster! Only you need:

DIY instructions:

Tinker animal mask:

The children love to dress up as animals. And you do not need to sew all the carnival costumes. It is enough and very easy if you only make an animal mask. Many interesting ideas and DIY instructions can be found

Step by step instructions for sushi group costume

Darkwing Duck Costume

Make pirate bride costume yourself

The kiss of Gustav Klimt

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