Do you feel a deep yearning for past summer pleasures? STOP: In this post we reveal the secret against winter blues! To feel comfortable in your own home after a gray and rainy winter’s day, you should decorate your home properly. Above all, it can not be denied that only the decoration of the apartment gives a cuddly and cozy atmosphere. In addition, the decoration completes the decorative ensemble in the apartment beautifully. Reason enough to take the brilliant opportunity to make stunning winter decoration yourself. You do not need much for this: whim for crafting, your own hands and the right steps that we’ll tell you now. Take a look at our light winter decorations yourself Make and be inspired!

Winter decoration yourself: Get excited about the coming Christmas

What’s funnier than Christmas? – The countdown to Christmas! In this post we bring you closer to our beautiful countdown timers, so you know exactly how many days remain until Santa Claus comes through your chimney. Here’s what you need for this easy-to-follow guide:

The necessary materials:

  • Holzscheibe
  • Black chalk color for wooden surfaces
  • brush
  • white chalk pen marker
  • loop
  • images stand
  • artificial seasonal flowers
  • pinecone

Do the instructions for this Christmas decoration yourself:

Step 1: Paint the inside of the wooden disc with the black chalk paint. Let the colors dry for at least one hour.
Step 2: Use the chalk pen marker to write down how many days are left until Christmas. Making the Best DIY Ideas for Winter Decoration Yourself: Decorate your front door for the winter
Die besten DIY Idee für Winterdeko selber Machen: Verzieren Sie Ihre Eingangstür für den Winter
The front door is the business card of your home, so you will not miss the opportunity to decorate it with the Christmas decoration that matches the cold season. Here’s what you need to know and the steps to follow:

The necessary materials:

Tolle Anleitungen für Winterdeko selber machen



wooden ring (thin) with popular dimension

wooden discs

Hot glue gun

additional Christmas decoration

Step 1: Glue the first row of wooden discs 5 cm apart on the ring. Glue the second row of wooden discs in the form of a pyramid.
Viele wunderschöne DIY Ideen für Winterdeko selber machen
Step 2: Put a decorative splash of color through a beautiful Christmas decoration of pine cones and evergreen flowers.

Make cool wall decor yourself so you can decorate your walls in the room seasonally

Coole Ideen für Wanddeko selber machen, damit Sie saisonal Ihre Wände im Zimmer dekorieren 
The cold, wintry season is the best time for crafting, whether with the kids, or lightening your mood after a long day at the office. In addition, the artworks create the Christmas decoration or winter wall decoration itself making a contemplative atmosphere in your 4 walls. With our DIY ideas, you can always keep your home pace with the season. In our gallery you will find a wide variety of ideas for decorative items living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. to imitate. Let your imagination run free and make a stunning wall decoration living room for example! We hope you enjoy crafting.


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