The manicure and perfect nail shapes are a sign of femininity for every woman. Recently, the nail design also serves as the perfect accessory for everyday life and can easily be worn as a piece of jewelry. The variety of colors and fingernail shapes offers numerous possibilities for different professions and special occasions. Each season is linked to different tendencies that can enchant your hands and the whole sensation. Of course you should also take care of your choice so that you can select the right nail shapes for your hands and always look stylish and elegant. Here you will find attractive tips, whether you prefer classic fingernails, or you want to shimmer with interesting nails Spitz and bright colors.

Oval or nails pointed – which is the perfect choice for you?

Nägel Formen Ideen und Trends für Winter 2018
There is no clear answer to this question. Above all, everything depends on the taste. Of great importance is also the everyday life of the woman, because very colorful, fallen nails or nails Spitz do not fit every job and work environment. Many desire long and pointed nail shapes, but that can create an unfamiliar feeling when you switch quickly and directly to long nail shapes. For ladies who are regularly busy with the household, we recommend a slow transition and extend the fingernails in stages, as these can prevent some activities.

Ballerina Nails – the perfect mix of trend and classic nail shapes

Ballerina Nägel oder Nägel spitz? Welches Trend haben Sie gewählt?
This trend was called this because the nail shapes resemble the Ballerinaschuhen. The nail design forms are a version of the Stilletos and therefore are filed almost identically. The difference is only the straight nail tips, which are also a good decision in case the tips of the stilettos are damaged. That’s why this manicure is also popular with many celebrities and stars, as it is not only very attractive, but also practical for a full day. If you do not have long fingernails, it is necessary to use Here you can find more ideas for attractive nails Spitz
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