Trendy crochet pattern – jasmine pattern
Häkelmuster Jasmin Anleitung
Häkelmuster Jasminmuster DY Anleitung
Häkelmuster Jasmin Wintermützen
Häkelmuster Jasmin Sternchen
Häkelmuster Schal Doubleface
The jasmine or star pattern got its name because of its stylish look, reminiscent of little stars or delicate jasmine flowers. It’s just perfect for crocheting scarves, hats, and other winter accessories, and it’s actually much lighter than you’d expect. The only downside is that the jasmine pattern consumes a lot of yarn. The most important crochet techniques you should master are air knit stitches, tight stitches and turn-ups. The complete pattern consists of three rows that repeat. We recommend you to crochet loose, so that the crochet piece is nice and soft and flexible. A guide to the jasmine pattern can be found here.

Easy crochet pattern for beginners: C2C pattern

Häkelmuster C2C modern
Häkelmuster C2C Bettdecke Baby
Häkelmuster C2C Anleitung
Häkelmuster C2C tolle Ideen
Häkelmuster C2C Decke herrlicher Look
The C2C pattern (Corner to Corner) is not crocheted horizontally but diagonally from corner to corner. The small squares you get look very delicate and elegant. The C2C pattern is just perfect for triangular crochet pieces, such as triangular scarves, and for that you should be able to do the warp knitting, air stitches and chopsticks. Instructions and helpful tips can be found here .

Stylish crochet pattern – pimple pattern

Häkelmuster Noppenmuster DIY
Häkelmuster modern Noppenmuster
Häkelmuster modern Noppenmuster
When it comes to simple crochet pattern, you can give the nub pattern as an example. As the name suggests, it consists of small pimples (these are also called popcorn mesh). These can be crocheted with chopsticks as well as with fixed stitches. For the nub pattern you should also master the air meshes. A guide for beginners can be found here.

Crochet double face pattern

Häkelmuster Doubleface Schal modern
Häkelmuster Doubleface
Häkelmuster Doubleface Decke Blumen
Somewhat more difficult is the Doubleface pattern, but the result is definitely worth it – a cuddly soft crochet piece with two sides, which looks great. You crochet with yarn in two different colors and should be able to use the air meshes, sticks and fixed stitches. And here it goes to the ausfühlichen instructions .

Shell pattern instructions

Häkelmuster Muschelmuster rot weiss
Häkelmuster Decke Muschelmuster kuschelweich
Häkelmuster Muschelmuster modern
Häkelmuster Muschelmuser Bilderanleitung
One of the most common and popular crochet pattern is actually the shell pattern. It looks really cute and subtle, which makes it perfect for crocheting baby blankets, winter hats and gloves. Each little mouse consists of several sticks, but how exactly the crocheting is, you will learn from the instructions here .

Heart pattern – the perfect crochet pattern for warm sweaters

Häkelmuster Herzen rot
Häkelmuster Herzen Anleitung
Häkelmuster Herzen modern
Häkelmuster Herzen Anleitung tolle Ideen
The heart pattern is just perfect for a warm winter sweater or baby crib. For this you need at least two different yarn colors, so that the hearts are clearly visible. They should again be able to use the chopsticks, the solid meshes and the meshes. The crochet is actually much easier than you might think – read the instructions we offer you to convince yourself!

The airy lace pattern – ideal for stylish garments

Häkelmuster locker Kleidung stilvoll
Häkelmuster locker Pocho modern
Häkelmuster Loch locker
The lace pattern is simply perfect for elegant cold winter garments, and can also be used to crochet elegant table and duvet covers. The loose pattern, which looks like a net, is very easy to crochet and that makes it a good choice for beginners. The necessary previous knowledge are again air meshes, chopsticks, and fixed stitches.

Zig-zag pattern – original and colorful

Häkelmuster Zick Zack Muster bunt
Häkelmuster Zick Zack Muster Anleitung
Häkelmuster Zick Zack Muster modern
Häkelmuster buntes Zick Zack Muster
The zig-zag pattern is the perfect crochet pattern for scarves and can be made colorful, which makes it particularly interesting and original. It is very easy to imitate and gets through the stitches, which are pierced by the rear mesh member, a relief. Free instructions for the zig-zag pattern can be found on his web.

The cable pattern is a bit more difficult

Häkelmuster Zopfmuster Anleitung
Häkelmuster Zopfmuster rosa
Häkelmuster Mütze Zopfmuster
Häkelmuster Zopfmuster Kissen
The cable pattern looks very impressive and elegant, but can be copied a little harder – you should master some important prior knowledge such as the crocheting of chopsticks, relief sticks and double sticks.

Crochet pyramid pattern

Häkelmuster Pyramidenmuster orange Garn
Häkelmuster Pyramidenmuster bunt
Häkelmuster Pyramidenmuster Kleidungsstück
The loose pyramid pattern is very flexible due to the many meshes of air, and is simply perfect for elegant patches because it looks very attractive, right? The small triangles are obtained by lattice tips, which are not horizontal as usual, but perpendicular.

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