Imagine! You are sitting on the couch with an interesting book in your hand and a cup of hot coffee on the table, all the problems are gone … a real rest! They definitely say that nothing is missing. But! It lacks a bookmark that can make reading more enjoyable and interesting. A fun bookmark can also take your children’s book. If you love your book, you want to give it special attention. Then you can easily make a bookmark yourself. It’s easy and if you see it, you’ll be able to grab the book more often. There are many types of homemade bookmarks from which to fetch ideas. Be inspired by our picture gallery and instructions!

Make PomPom bookmarks yourself: instructions

You probably know the PomPoms. A PomPom bookmark made of wool makes your winter days cozy and if you have read the book, you can use the PomPom simply as a decoration. All you need is wool, a pair of scissors, a crochet hook and two equally sized paper rings. The ring must be 1 cm wide from the hole to the edge. If you want bigger PomPom, you can of course choose other sizes. The colors for bookmarks are also according to your choice, but the best is with 3 different colors.

Everything you need is easy to find at home

Step 1

step 2

In the first step, cut off a piece of the wool. It has to be big enough for you to put all the threads together. Take it twice so that it forms a loop. The pictures speak better than the text 🙂 Now pull the ends of the tape through the loop. Then comes the wrapping of the paper rings with the wool. Pull the wool until the threads end. Cut a new thread and repeat the steps until it can not be threaded through the hole.

step 3

Step 4

Here you finally use the crochet hook. Wrap the thread through the hole. The crochet hooks come as a threading aid. You are done only when you can not look through the hole, then hide the ends of the threads using the crochet hook as shown in the picture.

Step 5

Step 6

Then cut the wool on the sides until the paper ring comes to light. Cut another 40 cm of ribbon from the remaining wool. Wrap it between the two rings. Make two simple knots, then tighten them.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Just tie the ribbon at the ends. The last step is the tearing of the paper rings. You must remove this. The PomPoms can also be styled to make you look more beautiful.

Get creative ideas from our fascinating examples! Have fun crafting!

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