You are invited to the wedding of a friend or a family member and you are looking for the right gift? Of course, it would be desirable for the present to make a good impression and to bring with it dear memories. As unique as each pair is, so unique should be the wedding favors, so we have selected some interesting suggestions for you!

Wedding gifts inspire the bridal couple

At wedding favors the couple always attaches great importance. Gifts for the wedding can consist in all sorts of variations and made of different materials – they can be money gifts or lovingly self-painted signs that adorn the front door of the new home, a cup set that spreads harmonious mood at the breakfast table, or a Nappy cake with the allusion to the hopeful offspring. Homemade, Painted, Ordered or Purchased – personalized wedding gifts delight every bride and groom, because they took time for their special day to make the couple happy.

Gifts for the wedding – full of love and practical at the same time

Marriage has to do with love. That’s why the wedding gifts should come from the heart. Individually selected gifts express sympathy and love a lot. Individual gifts for the wedding can be practical and practical or warranted to be extravagant, or serve as decorative objects. Each pair is different and already represents different common interests, so you need to know the couple so well that you can choose the most suitable present for it. As already mentioned, there are various possibilities – from homemade furniture to home accessories to fanciful jewelry, extravagant clothing, beautiful toys or culinary, white technology for the new home, delicate bedding, etc. Some couples prefer money in the form of a present to themselves decide what would be most suitable for your new home and what you need. Therefore, you first consult with the bridal couple, whether you need the money urgently or can give free rein to their creativity!

Cup rack with name

Romantic statuette as house decoration

Delicate bedding for the new home

Beautiful flower vase in white

Giving money can also be creative and loving

Wedding cutlery for the new family

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