Each of us has had toothache before and from our own experience you may know that you can be gray. In this article, we offer you 10 effective home remedies for toothache that can give you relief before you visit the dentist. We hope that our tips and suggestions will help you!

What are the main reasons for toothache?

Toothache often starts as an unpleasant sensibility to hot and cold foods and drinks, which gets stronger over time. The reasons are manifold – it does not have to be a caries. Other causes of toothache include injury to a blow or fall, sensitive teeth, periodontitis (inflammation of the gums), sinusitis, tooth loss, dead nerve, or even ear infection. Almost always, however, the pain and other symptoms such as throbbing, pulling and squeezing are signs of inflammation, so do not delay your visit to the dentist. Often, however, the pain occurs on the weekend or you simply have no free time and must wait until then 1-2 days. So what to do? The painkillers from the pharmacy are often not an effective solution, so we reveal in this post, which are the home remedies for toothache, which always have an effect. Continue reading!

Effective home remedies for toothache – ice pack

With strong toothache, the ice is simply irreplaceable. Try to put an ice pack on your cheek to cool the mouth or suck an ice cube. Moving cooled water in the mouth can also have a positive effect. Cooling at the site restricts blood flow, alleviating pain.

Natural home remedies for toothache – herbal tea

Do you like to drink tea? From the pharmacy or drugstore you can buy a special tea for a toothache. It consists of three parts peppermint, five parts valerian, four parts Johanisskraut and lemon balm and a part of Quendel. You should just pour three teaspoons of it with boiling water, and wait 3-4 minutes for the tea to finish. One or two cups will relieve toothache.

Home remedies for toothache – clove

Another way to get rid of toothache is to chew clove. Cloves are actually very effective and can be bought from any supermarket or drugstore. Another option is to use mouthwash with clove oil, or to buy it from the pharmacy. You should only dab a little clove oil carefully on the affected area. All natural and super effective!


Chamomile is also a natural home remedy that you can use to treat toothache. Drink a cup of warm chamomile tea or make a mouthwash. It also helps to put the lukewarm tea bag on the painful area. This method is especially effective in children.

Mouthwash with high percentage alcohol

Since the toothache is usually caused by various inflammations, however, a mouthwash with high-percentage alcohol can help. The alcohol will kill the bacteria and relieve the pain quickly and permanently. This variant can not be applied to children.

Strong saline solution

Also very effective at toothache is the treatment with strong saline solution. Heat water in a saucepan and try to dissolve salt in it as much as possible. Take this solution in the mouth and wait about 2-3 minutes – until the pain subsides. However, this idea is rather unsuitable for children, since there is a Schluckgafahr.


The mouthwashes sage tea can also cause a quick pain relief. Sage has an antibacterial effect and also helps with sore throats, as well as pain throughout the mouth. After a mouth rinse with sage tea, the gray toothache will certainly diminish! It also helps to chew fresh sage leaves, or to lay them on the sore spot.


The herbs that can do wonders for toothache include rosemary. Try to chew dried rosemary leaves or make a tea from them. The effect is guaranteed!

Compress with onion

The last method you should try for a toothache is to break up an onion, put the pieces in a cloth, and press it against the cheek. We wish you much success!

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